Is your workplace really clean?
Even if your desk is dust free, it might not be clean. Harmful germs, bacteria and viruses hide on common surfaces waiting for a free ride to your face, coworkers’ hands, lunchroom tables, mobile phones and computer keyboards – they will then quickly spread across your facility.

Uniworks cleans to remove the deep-down germs, bacteria and viruses. Our cleaning program will keep your work environment healthier and cleaner, while also working to prevent your staff members and visitors from getting sick.
Every year, sick workers cost companies as much as $225 billion in lost productivity, higher healthcare expenses and increased absenteeism due to contagious illnesses. Proper and cleaning protocols that include disinfecting can help translate to: More productivity More revenue More cost savings

5 Tips to Fight Germs and the Flu in Your Facility:
1. Increase the frequency of cleaning/disinfecting high touch areas in your cleaning schedule
2. Increase the frequency of cleaning services, if not currently serviced daily
3. Increase the frequency of hand washing among employees
4. Be aware of ‘dwell time’ with chemicals/disinfectants
5. Make sure your disinfectant is rated/approved to kill the flu virus