Safety begins with a cleaner, healthier work environment.
Cleaning industrial and manufacturing facilities can be one of toughest environments for contract cleaning services. The wide range of specifications and safety regulations can be daunting. Uniworks understands the serious legal and health considerations involved in the cleaning and removal of industrial waste, and how to maintain the highest workplace safety standards.

Uniworks has expertise in various heavy industrial and manufacturing environments. Our comprehensive list of quality services, coupled with the specialized expertise of the Uniworks management team, ensures a complete facility solution.

Clean image

Protect your brand image and attract employees by creating a clean and positive work environment. Uniworks understands how important your workplace image and reputation is in the community.

Trust Uniworks to help promote a clean and positive image to customers, vendors and employees.

Work safe

Clean workplace = Safe workplace. Did you know that 95 million workdays are lost due to slip and fall accidents each year?

Dirty, greasy floors can cause slip and fall accidents. Improper cleaning products and techniques can affect floor slip resistance. The Uniworks industrial cleaning program can help promote a safer and cleaner work environment.

Promote health

Clean and safe work environments promote positive physical and mental health. Uniworks industrial cleaning will not only provide a facility that looks clean, but it can play a role in improving employee productivity and morale. Clean restrooms and shiny slip resistant floors can create a happier, healthier workplace for employees and visitors alike.