Germs love schools.
Students are more susceptible to the spread of germs when they are learning and interacting with each other in close environments. It's important to clean and disinfect your school or academic facility properly, while avoiding corrosive chemicals or bleach.

The Uniworks cleaning program focuses on high-touch points helping students and faculty have a happy, healthy learning experience.

Make an impression

Appearance is one of the first things parents consider when choosing a school or daycare facility.

Make a good first and lasting impression with Uniworks health-focused cleaning program.

Clean classrooms

Clean educational or childcare facilities promote a healthy learning environment. Sticky tables, dirty floors and smelly restrooms are a distraction to students. Uniworks higher cleaning standards can help students focus on their learning and faculty on their lesson plan instead of worrying about the cleanliness of the classroom.

Stop germ spread

Educational facilities are a breeding ground for contagious illnesses. The flu and other illnesses can spread quickly through a school population. Germ-infested high-touch points such as tables, chairs and doors can facilitate the spread. Our cleaning program focuses on disinfecting those hotspots to prevent the spread of illness from student to student.